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The Cage was built in 1829 by John Peck as an overnight lock up for local criminals and animals.

It has now been restored by the Parish Council and is operating as a Interpretation / visitors centre.

The Cage has played a prominent role in Parson Drove village history. For 95 years it housed a Fire Pump, later a wartime Police Post, and in more recent years, used to store Parish documents and equipment.

Around the year 1831, there was unrest in the agricultural community due to the impact of early farm machinery, and a consequential loss of manual jobs. The reaction of the angry workforce was to set light to cornfields and stacks.  John Peck fearing the effects on the village, decided that a Fire Pump was required.  He obtained a public subscription and then went to London and bought one for £118.

Queen Victoria`s Diamond Jubilee in 1897 caused a public subscription to be made for the purchase of a clock and tower, this was built into the roof of The Cage.

In 1983 The Cage was given a Listed Grade II Preservation status.

During 1997 to 1999 The Cage was renovated by The Parish Council with help from grants from the Rural Development Agency, Fenland District Council and the European "Leader II Project" as well as fund raising by the local people. The picture to the right shows the clock within The Cage.

Admission Free
Open by appointment by contacting Roger Reader. 01945 700501