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The Bowls Club (Outdoor)

We have an outdoor bowls club with teams playing regularly on the bowls pitch adjoining the Butcher's Arms public house.
The Bowls Club (Indoor)
The village hall is used on Friday afternoons between 2pm - 4pm for short mat bowls. Membership is open to all age groups.
The Over Sixties
The club meets in St Marks church hall every second Thursday from 2.00pm to 4.00pm providing an afternoons entertainment of games and pleasant
Line Dancing Club
Line Dancing is held in the village hall on Tuesday afternoons and Wednesday evenings.
Mrs M Dawson 701239
Women's Institute
The women's Institute meet monthly in the function room at St Marks Methodist Church when a guest speaker often attends to give a demonstration on various topics. us trips to local places of interest are also organised by the managing committee during the year together with various parties.
Miss D Winter 700124
The local Yoga group meet on Monday evenings in the function room at St Marks Methodist Church, all welcome.
Mrs Roberts TBA
Neighbourhood Watch
Join an existing watch area or start a new one.
The Luncheon Club
A luncheon club is held fortnightly on Thursdays at the Butchers Arms Public House which provides an opportunity for elderly residents to meet and socialise and provides an excellent lunch at a special discounted rate.
Arts and Crafts
Weekly Arts and craft workshops are held on Wednesdays in the spors pavillion community room.
Lesley Ford 700519.
Friends of the Cage
The Cage Interpretation Centre, run by Friends of The Cage, provides an opportunity to study the local history of the village. The Cage is open by prior appointment only please contact.
Roger Reader 700501.
Fenland Friendship Club
The club was formed many years ago to forge links with a village in Germany. Local residents offer their hospitality to visiting Germans every other year and this hospitality is returned with villagers from Parson Drove travelling to the twinning village of Herlikofen for a short stay.
S.Moore 700301
British Legion (Parson Drove and Murrow)
New members always welcome.
Mr C Hunt 700580
Parson Drove Street Pride Group
Consists of a group of volunteers who undertake environmental projects including litter picking through the village. For more information contact Gavin Booth.
Table Tenis Club