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Phone scam warning
RESIDENTS are being urged to be vigilant after two people fell victim to a telephone scam.

The victims were left hundreds of pounds out of pocket after agreeing to hand over cash to cold callers.

In one of the cases, the scammer had details of the victim's outstanding insurance claim and personal details.

Police are urging people not to give out personal details over the phone.

Advice includes:
· Never give out banking details.
· Do not divulge names and numbers of occupants at the address
· Do not tell the caller what times you go to work or any holiday plans
· Do not give out personal details such as date of birth or marital status
· Be suspicious of all sales calls
· If in any doubt concerning the identity of the caller, hang up and dial the telephone number on any paperwork you have from the company

To report a scam phone call, contact police on 101.


Special success in ANPR operation

Special success in ANPR operation MORE than 30 vehicles were stopped as part of a day of action by Specials, Cambridgeshire police and Norfolk Constabulary in Wisbech.

Officers from Cambridgeshire and Norfolk joined Specials from Wisbech yesterday (Thursday, June 14) and they focussed on using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) at Freedom Bridge, Wisbech.

The day of action saw officers use the technology to identify vehicles of interest, such as stolen cars or those involved in crimes in Wisbech. Of the 36 vehicles stopped:
* seven were given Fixed Penalty Notices
*Two vehicles were seized for no insurance
Special Sergeant Sue Roe, in charge of the operation, said: "This was an operation which involved officers from Cambridgeshire and Norfolk - as they're a force who are close to our border and vehicles often travel between the two.

"There were a total of 36 officers involved in this operation and the results show what a good job they did and the impact we had on drivers."
Phone scam warning
POLICE are warning people to be vigilant after reports of a telephone scam.

Several people have contacted police after receiving calls requesting their bank details. The scammers, who have the name, date of birth and address of the recipient, claimed they were entitled to a refund from their banks before asking for their details. When they refused to give the details, the caller threatened to black list their account.

A police spokesman said: "I would urge people to remain vigilant and never disclose personal information such as bank account details over the phone.

"If you get a call offering you something that sounds too good to be true, it generally is.”
101 Number For All Non-Emergency Calls
The 101 number was introduced on September 21 and at the end of March the old 0345 number will fall out of use.

The number change is part of a national scheme to make 101 the single non-emergency number in England and Wales. The system has been designed to recognise where the caller is dialling from and connect them with the local police service. If a caller does not want to speak to their local force they will be given the option to be connected to a different one.

People should continue to call 999 when an immediate response is needed because a crime is happening, someone suspected of a crime is nearby, or someone is in danger.
Catalytic converter thefts
Police are investigating a series catalytic converter thefts across the county.

In the past six weeks, 30 have been stolen from vehicles, mainly 4X4s and vans, and either in residential areas or at business premises.

In the north of the county, two converters have been stolen in Hampton Hargate, Peterborough; three in Yaxley; four in Stanground; one in Stilton; one in Sawtry and one in Farcet.

There have also been thefts in the St Neots, Gamlingay and Little Paxton areas and others in Mepal and Sutton, near Chatteris.

Two thefts happened in Howitt’s Gardens and Caernarvon Road, Eynesbury, between July 13 and 14, and five in Eaton Socon, between July 19 and 20, in Peer Road, Viscount Court, Meadowsweet, Wilkinson Close and Fallow Drive.

Vehicles targeted included Ford Rangers, Fiat Ducatos, and Citroen Relay vans but other 4X4 vehicles have also been hit.

Officers believe the converters are stolen for the metals they contain.

Detective Inspector Alan Page, from the force’s central intelligence bureau, said: "We are investigating all these offences and targeting patrols at the worst affected areas.

"I would urge motorists, particularly those with 4X4 vehicles or vans, to take any security precautions they can.

"We would also urge anyone who sees people acting suspiciously around vehicles or maybe sees a vehicle that is out of place in their neighbourhood to contact police.”

Anyone with information should contact police on 101, or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555111.